virtual call center

The problem

It is noon in California, and Ron would like to book his European Vacation. He calls a great bed and breakfast in Europe, but it is 9 P.M in Paris, and the receptionist has gone home for the night. Jeannie in New York would like to discover the joy of Spain, but she has no affordable calling plan to call Europe.

Are these two lost opportunities for your small bed and breakfast? With our virtual call center, maybe not. We will answer calls into our United States telephone numbers into the late night, responding in English, and providing basic information to the customer and giving you the opportunity to respond, via our accommodations experts.

Our solution

Our virtual call center offers you the possibility of reaching 300 million Americans.

We will supply you with three telephone numbers: one in Chicago, one in New York, and one in Los Angeles. The population in these three cities represents 20% of the United States so the number of potential customers reached is incredible. Our system will automatically detect the location of the website visitor and present the website visitor with one number: the nearest telephone number. This number will forward to our English-speaking agents and they will assist your customers with advice. If the local time is within hours that the call center respond–otherwise we will direct the call to an answering service and personally return the call the following morning.

We respond from 3 PM (15:00) until 12 o’clock midnight (24:00) Western European (Greenwich +1) time which corresponds to:

  • 9AM – 6PM (18:00) in New York City (Eastern Standard Time)
  • 8AM – 5PM (17:00) in Chicago (Central Standard Time)
  • 6AM – 3PM (15:00) in Los Angeles (Pacific Standard Time)
  • We respond in American English
  • We use the correct accent and terms (units of measure, prices in U.S. Dollars, etc.) to allow for the best possible customer service.
  • We create an experience totally American while maintaining the image of your company.

How it works:

With the telephone numbers that we provide for you, you will add to your website and marketing material and then our system will forward the calls automatically to our experts who will provide basic information and provide the leads. Our small booking-based commission fee will be earned back quickly and easily as your small-business reaches a much larger audience.

In fact, with our local numbers in Chicago, New York City, and Los Angeles, you have a local number for 20% of the the population of the United States–that’s a potential reach of 50 million people!

We offer free initial setup and installation of our telephone numbers on your website, and our staff will visit your small business to learn about your products and services.

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